Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Essential nursing skills for parctice (English)

The contents of nursing skills yang harus di kuasai oleh perawat pada umumnya adalah

  1. observation and monitoring,
  2. Resuscitation
  3. intravenous therapy
  4. central venous catheters
  5. nutrition and hydration
  6. medicines
  7. elimination
  8. prevention of cross infection
  9. wound assessment
  10. patient hygiene
  11. respiratory care
  12. immobility and associated problems
  1. TRUST, bina rasa percaya, show your confidence
  2. RESPECT ABILITY, menghargai pasien tanpa memandang dari mana pasien itu berasal kaya miskin, tua muda, ras, etc.
  3. UNDERSTAND, get information of patient - baca data-data pasien sebaik-baiknya diagnosis, past history, allergic, riwayat dirawat, etc.
  4. SUPPORT AND MOTIVATION, berikan dorongan or support bahwa segala sesuatu yang mereka sedang hadapi pasti akan membaik.
  5. TEACHING, provide a health education (pendidikan kesehatan)
if you would like to know more or detail of what is the nursing skills above, akan di jelaskan lebih rinci lagi di article selanjutnya, just keep check in of my blog or you are becoming my follow. will be published soon....

written by Riss

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to notice immediately patient with acute condition

If acute changes to the patient and patient's condition is immediately life-threatening, you need to concern to the following of the deteriorating criteria,
  1. Airway ---- threatened / obstructed
  2. Breathing---Respiratory rate kurang 8x/mnt atau lebih dari 30x/menit
  3. O2 Saturation---- kurang dari 90 percent
  4. Circulation---- heart rate kurang dari 45x/menit atau lebih dari 130x/menit
  5. Systolic BP---- less than 90 or more than 200 mmhg
  6. Neurological ---- seizures, decrease level of consciousness
  7. Urine output---- less than 200 mls per 8 hours
  8. BSL---- less than 3
whilst you find patient's condition deteriorates further as above, you require immediately help.
get the doctor in-charge or senior staff to reassess the patient.
All the deteriorating criteria mentioned above can virtually cause the death if respond is unable to stabilise within 1 hours, to prevent death, escalation extremely required.

Written by Riss